Distributive Variability of Selected Trace Elements in the Blood Samples of Leukemia Patients

Saadia R Tariq, Asma Ejaz, Tariq Mahmud and Asma R Tariq

Published Date: 2016-02-07
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The study focused on the distribution of trace elements in the blood samples of leukemia patients. The blood samples of 62 patients of leukemia and their age, gender and demographically matched controls were analyzed for Cu, Ni, Mg, Zn, Fe and Cr by FAAS. The study evidenced higher mean levels for all the trace elements except Zn in leukemia patients than healthy controls. Mg was the major contributor at mean levels and Cr was present at sub-ppm levels in patients. The order for mean trace element levels in patients was: Mg > Fe > Ni > Zn > Cu > Cr, in comparison to healthy controls where the order remained: Mg > Fe > Zn > Cu > Ni > Cr. In patients Ni-Mg was significantly positively correlated while Mg was significantly negatively correlated with Cu. In healthy donors no such significant correlation was observed. The age of donors was found to be significantly positively correlated with Ni depicting an increase in Ni levels with increasing age of patients. Age of patients was significantly negatively correlated with Cu and Cr and positively correlated with Mg. Cluster analysis showed an independent behavior of Mg in patients contrary to healthy donors. Gender based study evidenced different orders of mean levels of selected trace elements in the blood of male and female patients. These orders were also different from the controls. Different clustering behavior of trace elements was observed in male and female patients.

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